What To Wear


I am often asked what to wear for a photography session. The answer is simple-Wear something that you look great in! Your images will reflect your confidence when you feel good in an outfit. For maternity or newborn sessions think vibrant or soft colors, such as soft blues or pinks or neutral colors like tans or creams. Vibrant colors can be very appealing and make your photos pop, think fuschia for girls or bright blues and greens for boys etc.

For family sessions dress everyone in similar hues of the same color or complimentary colors such as red-green, purple-yellow, or blue-orange which are oppostite colors on the color wheel. Have fun! A great way to incorporate personality or style is to make one color pop, such as a red hat ,scarf or bright heels.

Prior to your session, lay your clothes out together and get a visual of what they will look like next to eachother. One thing to sk yourself , is does the color scheme would look good on your walls? These portraits are family memories that will frame your walls and reflect memories into your home, Colors that compliment your decor can be very stylish. Layering is also great and for kids it can allow for quick changes in case they get dirty, also be sure to pack a snack or favorite toy, this can help if children have a hard time warming up to having their pictures taken. A quick snack and some redirection can be all they need to recharge.

Lastly- Relax and be yourself!


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