imageOne of my favorite things to do with my kids is to go antiquing. I have a rule, that every time they go with me they receive a $1.00. If they choose to save it and not spend it they get another $1.00 the next time we all go together. Needless to say Ella, my 3 year old is catching on rather quickly. Watching them scavenger though the booths to find that perfect treasure to spend it on is rather entertaining.

The other day I came across this beautiful rustic tool box, hand made. It has neat intricate detailing and hardware, with many compartments and storage inside. I knew I needed to repurpose it-I’m anxious to see what it will become in its next life. Any ideas??? If so comment below! I’d love to hear them? Possibly this too shall make a home in my shop. Stay tuned….for a grand opening on Etsy.

I can’t get enough of photography, I have been seeing through my lens some great families. I can’t wait to see what the summer season will bring. It reminds me that my camera hasn’t seen that beautiful smile on my youngest one-Landrie, since she turned one. I better get to that -milestones are too precious to pass up.  Typically my children are not fans of the camera, so it takes some pursuassion, as well as a few quick minutes in between our busy life!


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