Chalk Painted French Chair

I stumbled across this old french inspired chair in an antique store one day. The price was an amazing steal! I took a look at the chair and saw what it could be- it had great appeal- a cottage, french country look to it, well in my mind it did. It was a good solid chair, comfortable and had good bones. The color, however was something a bit drab-burgundy. I had heard of using chalk paint on upholstered furniture, but was hestitant it would turn out. Well, I like to jump into things and be creative, so I thought why not-besides for the price I couldn’t pass up. I was so anxious to work on it! Look at the transformation..

chalk chair blog post photo


This is the chair before:  isn’t she a beauty, wonderful lines but horrific color!



I knew I wanted to paint it a soft grey ( grey is such a neutral color ). I wanted the legs to be “chippy” white, to mimic wear and tear. So I chose a linen white chalk paint for the fabric and a white for the legs. I mixed equal parts of water and chalk paint together, and misted the fabric with a water bottle.  I was a bit hesitant, but started painting the chair. I had done research prior to this and also attended a seminar showing this process. I let the chair dry overnight. I painted another coat, and yet another coat. Due to the darker burgundy color. I knew it would take a few coats. I stripped the legs down a bit with a sander and then applied a dark stain. I dry brushed some white paint over the top of that, and finally sanding the legs to give a vintage or worn appearance.

So here is the chair again- OH!! Take note of the wooden sign coming to my Etsy shop- PatinaGreyShop. This quote is one of my FAVORITES. Follow me on Facebook & Instagram- Jessica Jansma Photography & Design. I will post a grand opening event with your first order at 10% off.

chalk chair blog post photo






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