imageRecently I have updated a few things in our own kitchen, and I thought I would share some of my favorite trends for kitchens this year. While there are many elements to add to a kitchen, I wanted to name just a few. As most of you know, I am partial to the farmhouse look. Farmhouse sinks, subway tile and ship lap. I have found black and white accents can really make an impresson to a rustic farmhouse look as well. Think about adding black spindle dining chairs or bar stools to modernize a rustic space. I think your kitchen should be a place for gathering, grazing ( I had to put that in there, It seemed so appropriate) and creating memories. I spend a lot of time in mine with my family, wether it’s conversing about the day, having a meal together, doing school work , playing games or baking holiday treats. So I feel it’s one room in my home that I’m not afraid to invest in.

The first trend I am drawn to is featured in the photo below -vintage or vintage inspired kitchen runners. These fun rugs display eclectic, bright, bold colors with kilim and Moroccan patterns. Geometric rugs are popular too as they can bring a modern feel to a rustic space.



Lighting can make a space feel different in many ways. It is the accessory to a room. The right pendant or chandelier can give a space both a warm and inviting feel, but open as well. In a farmhouse space, such as a kitchen, lantern pendants or vintage chandeliers are appealing. They display a rustic look, with an open, airy feel. The kitchens below have both stunning and functions pendant lights.


Another key element to a farmhouse kitchen is open shelving. Open shelfs give you the chance to display any dishes or items, giving the space character and openness. Open shelving can be made with industrial pipes from your local hardware store ( some stores will cut the pipe to your desired length) ,wooden corbels ( the old, chippy ones are my favorite! ) and metal brackets. When displaying items on your shelves, give it your personal touch and add either a collection of old pottery, vintage trays ,wooden cutting boards or tin canisters.

Lastly, cabinet hardware can make a big impact on your kitchen. It’s like eye candy, 😜 drawing the eye in and bringing great detail to ordinary cabinets.  Bin pulls, ice box locks and knobs all reminisce of a farmhouse kitchen. A big trend this year, is antique brass hardware with grey or white cabinets. These are my favorite combinations! Pictured below are a few of different options, there are so many to choose from! Don’t be afraid to paint your cabinets either-with proper research, equipment, materials and a little patience, you will be amazed at the transformation.

While there are many more elements to display in a farmhouse kitchen, I hope I have left you with just a few ideas to inspire you.










all images photo credit : Pinterest.







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