Blog Post- cabinet painting

I have always wanted to acquire a quaint little antique hutch to store my tableware and china from my grandmothers. I stumbled across a perfect cabinet in a small town antique store ( did I mention these are THE best antique stores!). It was tall, skinny and had great detail. Choosing the right paint color would be tough. I jumped in both feet and went with a beautiful charcoal blue. I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts on painting, distressing and styling a piece.

When choosing paint colors for furniture you want to consider where the piece will be placed, what function does it have, and what character the room it sits in has. If you want the piece to blend with the room stick to the same shades or hues that are already in the room. You may also choose a color that stands out, if the piece has a lot of detail or scroll work on it, choose colors that accent it. Think about your style and who you are, this will be a piece of furniture that you will see time after time. Listed are a few popular colors-

White: white is a great color if you are looking for a traditional farmhouse or modern, clean look. White is pretty safe, and will accent other pieces well. White is timeless and crisp.

Gray: Gray is such a popular color these days, Gray is the new black. It is of course one of my favorites. This color looks grand and sophisticated against white dishes or objects. Brass hardware is a big trend with gray this year.

Blues: Blue can be very rustic and clean at the same time. Blue can take on many different huues and can look great with clean white or patterned objects. Blue can also take on a teal hue, making it very rustic, farmhouse feel- think old pottery and dough bowls.

Distressing furniture can require a hand sander or regular sand paper, I usually use 100 to 150 grit. I always remember to sand where the piece would have the most wear and tear. Think of the doors, edges and legs. Start out lightly, then continue until you are happy with the results. Remember is piece was stained a lighter color that, you may have to darken with a another stain  prior to painting it to achieve your desired look.


When styling a piece of furniture, keep in mind to use items in 3’s or odd numbers. display a low object such as a decorative bowl with taller ones like vases and photo frames.

Below are few of photos of the finished hutch- its all in the details! Thank you for stopping by.






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