Home Office 101

“Press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me”- phill. 3:14 .. We all have been created with his works in mind, to achieve a goal, be a success in his eyes. 
      With the busy holiday season upon us and a new year breaching, a fresh new office update can make us feel less chaotic,and more serene and organized. A crisp clear light to keep an open feel. Chalk pencils to write those labels with ease- labels? Yes please! these rustic bark labels are adorable!! Cooler nights and days mean fur chairs are that much more inviting. A sleek white desk with gold accents creates a clean slate for tasks. A rich, vintage inspired rug grounds the room. 
The clean look of this planner is even more appealing inside- keeping organization at best ( I must confess too, I am obsessed with stationary of all kinds!) file organizers, a fancy tape measure ( move over boys this ones for the ladies! I mean how cute!!.. Perfect for those kids costumes, school projects and you know all that fabulous decorating you do! ) and a tassel power bank all keep a monochromatic look. Lastly giving the room a gracious and rich feel, a gold mirror with petite scrolling. So sink in.. Feel a new start and conquer tasks with ease!      
Copyright Jessica Jansma Photography & Design/Patina Gray Interiors 
Visit : http://www.anthroplogie.com for sources. 


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