imageOne of my favorite things to do with my kids is to go antiquing. I have a rule, that every time they go with me they receive a $1.00. If they choose to save it and not spend it they get another $1.00 the next time we all go together. Needless to say Ella, my 3 year old is catching on rather quickly. Watching them scavenger though the booths to find that perfect treasure to spend it on is rather entertaining.

The other day I came across this beautiful rustic tool box, hand made. It has neat intricate detailing and hardware, with many compartments and storage inside. I knew I needed to repurpose it-I’m anxious to see what it will become in its next life. Any ideas??? If so comment below! I’d love to hear them? Possibly this too shall make a home in my shop. Stay tuned….for a grand opening on Etsy.

I can’t get enough of photography, I have been seeing through my lens some great families. I can’t wait to see what the summer season will bring. It reminds me that my camera hasn’t seen that beautiful smile on my youngest one-Landrie, since she turned one. I better get to that -milestones are too precious to pass up.  Typically my children are not fans of the camera, so it takes some pursuassion, as well as a few quick minutes in between our busy life!



Acknowledge the Lord in all that you do and he will make your paths straight and crown you with success …..  Proverbs 3:6



Blog post

I wanted give a sneak peek into what I have been gathering and working on for my Etsy shop! I hope to intrigue and inspire you to stop on by, when the open sign is up. I have been setting goals daily in my business life as well as my family life at home. As a mom, wife and business woman I know that it can be challenging at time to juggle everything and having my Etsy shop is just another outlet for my creativity.

I wrapped up my Spring mini photo sessions and hope to share them with you soon. The Mothers Day sessions are so sweet, and I have met some neat families so far. I gave away an 8×10 barn wood frame from my ad , so don’t forget to like my page: jessicajansmaphotography&design/Facebook  for more specials and giveaways!

I am working on a few projects as usual…until next time.







Repurposed brass lamp- Reveal

Remember that old brass lamp I found at an antique store? Here is the before photo in case you forgot.


I purchased it for a mere $8! It was hidden amongst other worn out fixtures. So I started out by cleaning the brass lamp with a cloth. I wanted to give the lamp a worn iron look to it, something you would find in an old farmhouse. Next I used chalk paint in black. The nice thing about chalk paint is that you don’t have to worry about sealing or sanding prior to application.I applied it with a paint brush and a rag. I let that dry, then I applied the creme wax over the lamp to give it a worn out or rustic look. I opted not to apply a lamp shade, and plan to replace the working light bulb with a vintage filament bulb. I think by leaving the lamp shade off it creates a minimalist look to it. It turned out to be quite a unique and inexpensive piece don’t you think? Take a look-


Thank you for following me. Next, I am looking at a clever way to display photos and artwork made by my little ones….


Happy Friday 


 I hope everyone is having a Happy Friday.

As I work on my Mothers Day Ad, I am feeling blessed to work where I can hear my little ones’  whispers from the next room. Thankful everyday for their smiles, laughter, high spirits, spunk and amazing innocence. I have been Repurposing, rekindling and reviving found items – stay tuned for before and afters, inspiration and ideas. 


What To Wear


I am often asked what to wear for a photography session. The answer is simple-Wear something that you look great in! Your images will reflect your confidence when you feel good in an outfit. For maternity or newborn sessions think vibrant or soft colors, such as soft blues or pinks or neutral colors like tans or creams. Vibrant colors can be very appealing and make your photos pop, think fuschia for girls or bright blues and greens for boys etc.

For family sessions dress everyone in similar hues of the same color or complimentary colors such as red-green, purple-yellow, or blue-orange which are oppostite colors on the color wheel. Have fun! A great way to incorporate personality or style is to make one color pop, such as a red hat ,scarf or bright heels.

Prior to your session, lay your clothes out together and get a visual of what they will look like next to eachother. One thing to sk yourself , is does the color scheme would look good on your walls? These portraits are family memories that will frame your walls and reflect memories into your home, Colors that compliment your decor can be very stylish. Layering is also great and for kids it can allow for quick changes in case they get dirty, also be sure to pack a snack or favorite toy, this can help if children have a hard time warming up to having their pictures taken. A quick snack and some redirection can be all they need to recharge.

Lastly- Relax and be yourself!